DegerPipes Electronic Bagpipe Chanter

The DegerPipes Chanter is an ideal supplement for the common practice chanter; and much more...

Picture of DegerPipes Chanter

Key Features: Comparison with a long practice chanter: comparison with an ordinary practice chanter

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That's me! Sound samples of the DegerPipes Chanter:

These samples are recorded directly from the phones output of the DegerPipes Chanter to the line input of a Soundblaster AWE32 sound card. No additional effects or other changes were applied to the samples.

You listen to the DegerPipes Chanter played by Manfred Deger.

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MIDI Files originated by the DegerPipes Chanter: All of the above MIDI files were recorded at the BAG Summerschool at Breuberg Castle and played by the master piper Arthur Gillies.

The MIDI-Files are just to demonstrate the MIDI capabilities of the DegerPipes chanter. The files are raw and in need of subsequent work. The MIDI files are using bassoon and flute sounds.
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User's Manual

The User's Manual for the DegerPipes Chanter is available for download in Adobes PDF format.
User's Manual (English): manual.pdf (size 260K)
Bedienungsanleitung (German): Anleitung.pdf (size 250K)

To read these files, you might need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat-Reader:
Get Acrobat-Reader

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More information is available at:

Manfred Deger
Lange Str. 22
D-76199 Karlsruhe, Germany
Tel: +49 721 9862122
Fax: +49 721 9862120

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